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Implications of a Biden run

Professor Ubertaccio interviewed by Fox25’s Sharman Sacchetti on the possible implications of Biden presidential run.

Is it too late for Biden?

New England Cable News’ Allison King talks with Professor Ubertaccio about a possible Biden campaign.

Reviewing Governor Baker’s first 9 months

“He’s been given a wide berth by the public and the legislature, with which he has an excellent relationship that allows for bipartisan agreement and civility,” said Peter Ubertaccio, a Stonehill College political scientist.

Most Rookie Governors are Off to a Good Start Governing 8 October 2015

Governors & deficits

“Your budget can be in deficit regardless of whether there’s been an election or new party taking over. But more often than not, when a new party takes over, there’s more attention paid to decisions of the previous administration than there might otherwise be,” Ubertaccio said.

Gov. Patrick left Gov. Baker with a deficit 5 February 2015

Charlie Baker’s first snowstorm

“Showing up at the bunker in a suit and tie is a visual representation of his approach to doing things a businesslike, managerial way,” Ubertaccio said.

Charlie Baker pulls first storm dutyThe Boston Globe, 26 January 2015

Elizabeth Warren and election 2016

“In Elizabeth Warren’s case, if she were to enter the race, she will enter with a pretty big megaphone,” said Peter Ubertaccio, a political science professor at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. “I think she’s more influential by not running and by staying just coy enough,” he said. “She’s more influential by staying in the Senate, being a superstar in her party and by not having to worry about the mechanics of a presidential campaign.” He added, “Warren has a really unique and unusual platform right now.”

Hillary Clinton 2016: The Democrats Who Could Hurt Her With The Party Base International Business Times 23 December 2014

Elizabeth Warren on the Hill

Peter Ubertaccio, a political science professor at Stonehill College in Massachusetts, who follows Warren’s career, said that this week, Warren demonstrated a better feel for the sentiments of her party than her leadership.

“If she’s able to succeed in the Senate at the expense of her own leadership team — the team that she’s on — it will have the practical impact of moving the center of power away from folks like Schumer and toward her,” he said. “That’s pretty significant for a freshman senator that’s been brought into the leadership.

Warren makes her mark The Hill 12 December 2014

Are the American people stupid?

Off the cuff or not, they were elitist and condescending. As Stonehill College professor and political blogger Peter Ubertaccio put it, “The American people aren’t stupid. We in the academy don’t do ourselves any favors by suggesting otherwise as we try to explain the policy making process.” Added Ubertaccio: “His comments were not only foolish and politically unhelpful to his allies,” they were wrong “because they painted with a very broad brush.”

Stupidity’ comments create new problems for ACA The Boston Globe 14 November 2014

Progressives in Massachusetts

According to Stonehill College political science professor Peter Ubertaccio, the Democratic rebranding that’s playing out in 2014 is the culmination of a trend that started eight years ago, when a little-known newcomer won the Democratic nomination for governor over then-attorney general Tom Reilly.

Progressives, once marginal, are now mainstream WGBH radio 18 August 2014

Money in Boston politics

“Boston was one of the few competitive high-profile races around the country where those dollars could make a difference,” said Peter Ubertaccio, a political science professor at Stonehill College. “Boston became a battleground because of the belief that Connolly would be much more favorable to reforms that would dilute teachers unions over time.”

Teachers Union says it didn’t know of PAC The Boston Globe 2 January 2014


Has Massachusetts lost political clout?

“The state’s lost clout in Washington,” The Boston Globe 27 July 2013


Special Election to fill the seat of Senator John Kerry

“Markey ran a cautious campaign that was a reflection of his personality,” said Peter Ubertaccio, a political scientist at Stonehill College in Easton, Mass.

It’s the Voters’ Move in Race to Fill Kerry’s Senate Seat in Massachusetts The New York Times 24 June 2013


Today’s Political Update:HuffPostLife  How much further will the Patraeus affair scandal escalate? Who will become the next Secretary of State in Obama’s second term? What lessons can President Obama learn from Steven Spielberg’s new film ‘Lincoln’ about the power of the presidency? View my comments from this morning on HuffPostLive

Decision 2012

November 6, 2012

With the 2012 presidential election behind us and Obama in office for another four years, there is still debate over how the country will be affected.  Spotlight was also on MA politicians this election as Warran unseats Brown, and John Kerry may make the move from state to federal.

View my commentary on a variety of key post-election topics:

Election 2012: Political Analysis

-November 7, 2012, NECN

John Kerry as next Secretary of State?:

“The president and the White House no longer need to be concerned about one Republican vote the way they were in 2010 when they were shepherding Obamacare through the Senate. They have a safe majority now.”

John Kerry is Top Prospect for Next Secretary of State, The Boston Globe

“There are not many internationally recognized political leaders who will serve in the Cabinet.  The president found one in Hillary Clinton much as George W. Bush found one in Colin Powell, and John Kerry fits the bill.”

Holder Hints at Changing Shape of Next Cabinet, USA Today

There are many good reason for the President to make this appointment: Stature, the issues, Kerry can get through the Senate.

-The Case for John Kerry, MassPoliticsProfs

Warren unseats Brown:

“Mr. Brown, who was seen in his last campaign as a positive person, did himself no favors by attacking Ms. Warren about her race.  The senator accused Ms. Warren of using her heritage — she says she is part Native American — to advance her career and being untruthful about it.”

“He needed to move Democrats and independents, and there was no polling that showed that this was moving those voters.”

Cities Propel Warren to Victory over Brown, Telegram

Republican Party in MA:

“If they want to get by winning the occasional race, what they’re doing at the moment is probably sufficient. I think the best thing that can happen to the Republican Party in Massachusetts is they find themselves a chair and leadership that is willing to engage party members statewide as a full-time job for the next 10 years.”

Bay State GOP seen as ‘endangered’, Boston Herald

“They hastened their demise by committing some strategic errors.”

Such as?

“They continued to focus on Elizabeth Warren’s heritage and her legal representation of corporate clients when polls indicated that this was not moving the needle.”

“Republicans only win by winning over independents and some Democrats, and they weren’t even speaking to Democrats. The conversations the Republicans were having just weren’t reaching those folks.”

Tisei’s loss to John Tierney was the Republican’s “prime opportunity for a pickup and they weren’t able to.”

“If you look at the races Democrats have lost, usually there’s an issue of corruption.” But, in this case, “What you had was the product of bad luck as well as a superior get-out-the-vote effort” by the state Democratic Party.

Vanquished Republicans Wonder What’s Next, SouthCoast Today

Election of Kennedy:

“Democrats and independent voters know what the Kennedy name means in terms of policy. It’s a cue to voters. It’s pretty powerful.”

Kennedy Win Sends Bay State Political Scion to Congress, Businessweek

Local Election Results:

“Fall River is in the unusual position of having two representatives in  Congress looking out for their interests, and that’s typically a good thing.”

Ubertaccio said he does not expect there to be a “steep learning curve” for  Kennedy and Warren as they tackle issues of importance to Fall River residents.  He added that Kennedy has done well to surround himself with people who have a  strong grasp of local issues.

“He’s got a reservoir of talent, and it’s deep. He’s  worked hard to build a good relationship with local officials. I don’t think the  folks in Fall River have to worry about them getting up to snuff.

-Officials say Election Outcome is Definite Positive for Fall River, The Herald News

“Tierney is one of the luckiest Democrats in the country this morning.  This may be the most difficult moment of his political career, and it has passed.”

Tierney rode Obama’s coattails to narrow re-election, Lowell Sun

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