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Talks and Seminars

Professor Ubertaccio has led seminars and given talks to high school students, civic organizations, party organizations, and other groups who wanted to hear from a dynamic speaker who can discuss politics, civics, and current events without being partisan, cynical, or dismissive.

He believes passionately that political engagement can be uplifting, virtuous, and fun and passes along his insights on American political development, political parties and institutions, and political marketing to his audiences.

Currently, he is accepting speaking engagements on the following topics:

   The State of American Politics

   The Obama Presidency in Historical Perspective

   How to Spot and Stop a Demagogue

Five Easy Steps to Bring Civility to Politics

Where’s the Party?  Why Political Parties are Healthy for Civic Life

A Forecast for the 2016 Elections

How Social Media Can Transform Political Parties


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